Solid Shampoo Bar – handmade with natural ingredients.

Solid Shampoo Bar – handmade with natural vegan friendly ingredients.

Have you tried shampoo bars yet?  They are so versatile and do not contain any of the chemicals that many mass produced shampoos use.   The most frequently used chemical is SLS.  This is added to give the product a lather.  Now, we don’t need a huge lather to get clean, we just think we do lol!  My bars do lather up but you will not get a head full of bubbles like you do with SLS.  I use hair loving oils, butters and a variety of different essential oils which are good for the hair and scalp.

I have a variety of different scents available so there is lots of choice to please everyone in the family.  Click here to be taken to the shampoo page!!

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