Are your soaps suitable for vegans & vegetarians

Yes they are. Being a vegetarian myself this is very important. I only use Olive, Coconut and Castor oil along with Shea and Cocoa butter to make the soap. Any colouring is achieved using herbs and spices.

Is Soap & Pamper an Eco friendly business

Hand on heart it is as Eco friendly as I can get it. My soap ingredients are sourced as locally as possible and I use recycled packaging wherever I can. My gift boxes are made from recycled material and my gift baskets are made from bamboo, which is argued to be a sustainable material. Anything I buy to go in a gift box, like a face cloth or soap dish ladder, I choose with the most Eco friendly option. Any suggestions or ideas for making my store more Eco friendly please get in touch.

Who makes the soaps?

I do!  After spending 2 years researching, asking questions and experimenting I applied for my first set of soaps to be safety tested and acquired the licence to sell.  I am now very proud to have created a soap & shampoo that is so lovely to use!

Do you use Palm oil?

No I don’t. From the word go I didn’t want to use it but did read the pros and cons of using sustainable palm oil as a compromise. I wanted to be able to say I had made an informed choice and decision, rather than a decision from the heart. Finding a recipe that doesn’t involve animal fats or palm oil has been hard but I have done it, and feel proud that I have achieved what I set out to do.

Can I contact you with a question?

Of course! Please send me a message and I will get back to you asap.  This is likely to be the same day…unless you message after 9 pm as I will be in bed!!! LOL

Wholesale availability

Wholesale options are available for my soaps & accessories. If you get in touch and tell me what you would like we can discuss in more detail.