Dog Shampoo – Natural and Gentle

Dog Shampoo – Natural and Gentle

Do dogs love handmade shampoo?? Well from customer reviews I would say yes!  As it is a natural products it is free from chemicals and preservatives.  This means it is kinder to their skin resulting in an itch free pup! I have included neem oil in the recipe, to help prevent fleas,  alongside coconut oil and shea butter which is great for their skin.  In addition I have added a small amount of rosemary and lavender essential oil.  This is a) to mask the smell of the neem oil and b) they are safe oils for dogs and act as a further natural barrier to help keep fleas at bay.

These bars are circular in shape to make washing your dog a bit easier.

As always, for external use only and please stop using it if any irritation occurs.


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