Wooden Soap Dishes

Wooden Soap DIsh - Bamboo

Wooden Soap Dishes -Did you know that handmade soap will last longer if you keep it dry? If not, then now you have no excuse! I have 2 dishes which will allow your soap to drain, and as they are made of wood they will not break, or crack your sink if you drop them!! There are 2 types, a dark wood and a lighter wood for you to choose from. I have lots of other gorgeous bathroom accessories too, all available in the accessories section.

Plastic Free Soap Dish

Soap Dishes

Plastic Free Soap Dish.  These 2  wooden dishes are very different in styles and would look good in any bathroom. The soap ladder is lighter in shade whereas the darker one is more…chunky!   

As it is important to keep handmade soap dry, these bamboo soap dishes are just a perfect addition to your plastic free bathroom.  These can be found in the accessories page of www.soapandpamper.co.uk