Bathroom Accessories

Using lovely items in your bathroom changes having a wash to pampering your body.  A beautiful soap sat on a handmade wooden soap dish looks and feels so much better than  an old piece of mass produced soap sat on a plastic dish!

Likewise, using a super soft wash scrunchie made with ramie is far more caring on your skin than a plastic one.

So, treat yourself to something natural and gorgeous…don’t wait for that ‘special occasion’ as everyday is special and we all deserve something lovely.

Pimp Your Bathroom!

Pimp Your Bathroom!

A couple of items from the pampering bathroom accessory section to jazz up your bathroom and get rid of any plastic!

The materials are all plant based and will look good in anyone’s bathroom. The dark wooden soap dish seems to be the most popular and have been flying off my shelves…yes I do have shelves even though I work from home!!  The mitts and bags are made with ramie, sisal or cotton.  They are great for exfoliating or as a soap save bag.   In addition they are a great way to use up bits and bobs of soap.

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Wooden Soap Dish

Wooden Soap DIsh - Bamboo

How stylish does this wooden soap dish look!   The dish is made with bamboo and stained a dark brown.  Of course you can buy these on their own or with just one piece of soap, but beware…. 3 pieces of my soap do fit on!!

I also have a light coloured soap dish that is shaped as a ladder.  It is less ‘solid’ in look but the choice will depend on the style of your bathroom.

These items are perfect if you are trying to reduce the plastic waste in your bathroom, or know someone who is trying.

Both dishes available at