Handmade Vegan Soap

Handmade vegan soap

Many people find that commercially created soaps make their hands dry.  This is often due to the naturally produced glycerine being extracted. This is then sold to other companies to make moisturiser…which you then go and buy as your hands are dry!!

I have a large range of soaps, shampoo bars and other soapy delights over at www.soapandpamper.co.uk. They are made with natural, palm oil free and cruelty free ingredients and full of the naturally produced glycerine… go take a look, you might like what you see!

All my products are vegan – please message me if you have any questions.

Bars Of Uncut Soap

Bars Of Uncut Soap.

Um – an interesting photo. ..bird’s eye view of some freshly un-moulded soap!  I love everything about making soap, from getting prepared and getting all the ingredients out to the finished product.  I find it quite therapeutic as it is very methodical.  Everything has to be completed in a certain way and the exact recipe has to be followed.  This is to ensure that it is safe and, it is the law!!  lol

All my ingredients are for the soaps and shampoos are plant based and include Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Castor Oil and Coconut Oil.  No nasty chemicals, no animal derivatives and no synthetics at all.  To get your all natural soap  or shampoo go to www.soapandpamper.co.uk or follow one of the links!

Go to  http://bit.ly/Soapchoices for soaps.

 http://bit.ly/Shampoobars for shampoo bars

and  http://bit.ly/Giftsetspage if you are interested in gifts.  


Gardeners’ Soap – Exfoliation Soap

Gardeners’ Soap – Exfoliation Soap.  This beautifully smelling soap is a great gift idea for any gardener or someone who often has dirty hands!  The poppy seeds help tease out the ingrained dirt, grit and grime leaving your hands clean and moisturised.  For extra exfoliation team this up with a sisal bag!

Like all my soaps they are made by me from scratch in Devon. with natural cruelty free ingredients.  They are also palm oil free and wrapped in eco friendly packaging.

To buy this bar click here.


Handmade Vegan Soap

Handmade Soap

Handmade Vegan Soap not only looks good but is fantastic for those who care what goes on their skin.  I know I keep repeating myself with this sentence but who wants chemicals on their skin?! Mine are made with natural ingredients including shea butter and cocoa butter and lots of lovely essential oils.  These can of course be bought on their own, in a gift set of 3 for £10.50 or in a gift box.

Available from the handmade soap section or gift section of www.soapandpamper.co.uk

Novelty Soap – Pawsome!

Novelty Soap Paws

Novelty Soap – Pawsome! These gorgeously fun novelty soaps in the shape of a paw make a fab gift for any animal lover.  They are made with the same natural ingredients as my soaps so palm oil free and vegan.

They are available on the novelty soap page of my shop at www.soapandpamper.co.uk and can be bought singly or in a pack!