Cocoa Butter Lip Balms

Cocoa Butter Lip Balms

Lip balms are a great no fuss way of keeping your lips crack free and feeling soft.  I make mine with calendula oil which is fabulous for repairing broken skin.  I also use oodles of cocoa butter and shea butter to add moisturising properties.  They are scented with essential oils and no colour is added.

As all my products are vegan these do not contain bees wax, instead I use candelilla wax, a plant based natural wax.  This wax is absorbed super quickly into the skin/lips so they won’t feel sticky.  As a result you won’t want to lick it off immediately!!

Lots of choice in the lip balm section of my shop- go check it out 🙂

Vegan Lip Balm

Vegan Lip Balm – Love your lips with some handmade lip balm.  I make it to order so it is super fresh and I use candelilla wax so still vegan.
As I use natural ingredients my flavours are all natural too…orange, lime, lemon, peppermint, chocolate orange and grapefruit.
For more details go to the  lip balm section of the shop.

Natural Lip Balms – Vegan and Lip Smacking Good!

Natural Lip Balms – I love lip balms, in fact I have one in most pockets or places I sit!  I have a peppermint one on the go in the soapery, a grapefruit in the living room and a lime one in the car!!!

I make them with candelilla wax which is very quickly absorbed into the skin. This means you aren’t left with a sticky feeling on your lips.  I also include shea butter, cocoa butter and calendula oil.  Calendula oil is an amazing oil as it aids recovery of cracked or chapped lips…check it out with Mr Google!!!
A wide range of different flavours/tastes are available and these can  be bought individually or in a pack of 3.