Luxury plastic free cosmetic set

How lovely does this gift set look?  It includes 2 handmade soaps lovingly made with natural skin loving ingredients.  Also a bamboo handled toothbrush, bamboo cotton buds and a set of reusable make up remover pads.

I have lots of different gift options available in the hope of being able to please everyone! If there is something you would like in a set just let me know and I can custom make one for you.

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Plastic Free Soap Gift Set

Plastic Free Soap Gift Set

I know #plasticfreejuly has gone but it doesn’t mean that we should lose that momentum to reduce our plastic. This super gift box contains 2 lovely handmade soaps and also a bamboo handled toothbrush, a soap saver bag and a box of bamboo buds, all items that can help in the quest for plastic free.

There are lots of gift choices for you in the Gift Set section – go check them out! 

Handmade Soap Gift Set – natural, vegan and palm oil free

Handmade Soap Gift Set – natural, vegan and palm oil free.

This  beautiful gift set includes 3 handmade soaps.  I make the soaps using all natural  ingredients, including the scents which are essential oils.   I wrap each soap in paper so it looks like a parcel in its own right.  3 soaps are then placed in the lined box and gift wrapped with a ribbon on  the outside.

This box is the citrus box.  There are other scent choices available and other gift box options too. ..just go to the gift page!

Handmade Soaps – Natural, palm oil free and vegan

Handmade Soaps

Handmade Soaps-Natural, palm oil free and vegan.  Sometimes when space is available at fayres I spread my soaps out!! They look great in large baskets and I love to see all the natural colours.  Recently I have taken part in a few online markets.  To remind me how good they all look together  I popped them into these baskets.

I am so looking forward to fayres starting again – I miss meeting people and having a good ‘ole chat about love, life and soaps!!

Stay safe everyone 🙂


Wooden Soap Dish

Wooden Soap DIsh - Bamboo

How stylish does this wooden soap dish look!   The dish is made with bamboo and stained a dark brown.  Of course you can buy these on their own or with just one piece of soap, but beware…. 3 pieces of my soap do fit on!!

I also have a light coloured soap dish that is shaped as a ladder.  It is less ‘solid’ in look but the choice will depend on the style of your bathroom.

These items are perfect if you are trying to reduce the plastic waste in your bathroom, or know someone who is trying.

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Plastic Free Skin Care

Plastic Free Skin Care is a great way to help the environment and look after your skin the natural way.  This gift box includes 2 handmade soaps, 1 soap saver, 1 bamboo toothbrush and 100 bamboo cotton buds!

There are various gift boxes available and if you would like something different then simply let me know!!

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Soap Gift Box – For those who care what goes on their skin

This Soap gift box is such a lovely gift to give to someone who cares what goes on their skin.  It is also great as it is plastic free which means it is kind to the environment too.  The gift includes 2 handmade soaps, 3 reusable makeup remover pads and 100 bamboo cotton buds.

This would be a lovely gift for mum or a girlfriend  who is trying to go plastic free.

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Soap & Pampering Set

Soap & Pampering Set.  As we get closer to Christmas I have another gift set for you….Dear Santa….this lovely gift set includes 3 handmade vegan soaps.  It also includes 1 plastic free shower scrunchie and a bamboo soap dish to keep your soaps dry.  The drier you keep your soaps the longer they last! The dish is very stylish and more chunky than the soap dish ladder I stock.  If you would prefer that one however do let me know.

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Luxury Soap Gift

Luxury Soap Gift is another great gift idea for those who care what goes on their skin.  This gift box includes 2 handmade soaps, 3 reusable make up pad removers, 1 bamboo handled toothbrush & 100 bamboo cotton buds.

These items are all plastic free.   The make up pad removers are crochet especially for me, whilst the soaps are handmade by me!

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Plastic Free Cosmetic Kit

As Christmas is approaching I have tried to add some interesting gift boxes which not only appeal to those who care what goes on their skin, but are also kind to the environment.  This one includes handmade soaps, soap saver bag and 2 bamboo items.

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