Bars Of Uncut Soap

Bars Of Uncut Soap.

Um – an interesting photo. ..bird’s eye view of some freshly un-moulded soap!  I love everything about making soap, from getting prepared and getting all the ingredients out to the finished product.  I find it quite therapeutic as it is very methodical.  Everything has to be completed in a certain way and the exact recipe has to be followed.  This is to ensure that it is safe and, it is the law!!  lol

All my ingredients are for the soaps and shampoos are plant based and include Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Castor Oil and Coconut Oil.  No nasty chemicals, no animal derivatives and no synthetics at all.  To get your all natural soap  or shampoo go to or follow one of the links!

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Gardeners’ Soap – Exfoliation Soap

Gardeners’ Soap – Exfoliation Soap.  This beautifully smelling soap is a great gift idea for any gardener or someone who often has dirty hands!  The poppy seeds help tease out the ingrained dirt, grit and grime leaving your hands clean and moisturised.  For extra exfoliation team this up with a sisal bag!

Like all my soaps they are made by me from scratch in Devon. with natural cruelty free ingredients.  They are also palm oil free and wrapped in eco friendly packaging.

To buy this bar click here.


Handmade Vegan Soap

Handmade Soap

Handmade Vegan Soap not only looks good but is fantastic for those who care what goes on their skin.  I know I keep repeating myself with this sentence but who wants chemicals on their skin?! Mine are made with natural ingredients including shea butter and cocoa butter and lots of lovely essential oils.  These can of course be bought on their own, in a gift set of 3 for £10.50 or in a gift box.

Available from the handmade soap section or gift section of

Cotton Wash Cloths – Eco Friendly

Cotton Wash Cloths are a lovely way to wash your face.  These are made with soy cotton and are so so soft!!  They are crocheted by Judith from @happysheepdesigns, the same person who makes me the reusable make up pad removers – such a star!!!

Various colours are available and can be found in the accessories section

Tools Of The Trade

Hand Cut Soap

I don’t use anything fancy to cut my soap.  I simply use a soap guillotine cutter, and a knife!!  This explains why my soaps are all slightly different…perfectly imperfect!

Guess What I Did Today?

Yup…I did I some wrapping and packing!!  After cutting each soap bar  I wrap a fair few ready for you to gift to someone or treat yourself with.  I love wrapping these parcels as I imagine you having to open each one, after all, who doesn’t love opening a parcel!!

Take a look at the different soap options available  on

unwrapped  ones are available, simply message me when ordering



Do You Have Any Large Bars Of Handmade Soap?

Yes I do actually!!!

Sometimes I get asked if I have larger bars so I have started to keep a couple in.  If you are a regular buyer you will know that I cut short and fat bars….I did this initially as I have small hands and I found them easier to use than the slimmer square bars.  Anyhow, some of you have larger hands and so, these are for you!!!

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