Natural Ingredients

Natural Ingredients and oodles of TLC…that is what my products are made of!

The colours of my soaps are gained with herbs or spices.  Turmeric, paprika, alkanet root to name but a few.  The scents are gained using essential oils.

I believe we should look after our skin and our bodies then they will look after us.  This is why I do not use any synthetics or parabens in my products.

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Handmade & Hand Cut Soap

It’s funny as when I talk about soaps I always think of the actual making.  But the process doesn’t start or finish with the making.  It starts in the planning of each batch and finishes with the wrapping.   But, I have to admit I love the cutting bit as I don’t ever really know what it will look like inside!!  Each batch follows a recipe but I have room to play with those ingredients.  So, my stripe can be a stripe or swirl or circular shapes if I had the patience to do them lol!

This batch is patchouli and sandalwood and has a paprika stripe through…Smells gorgeous and is very pretty..even if I say so myself!