Soap & Pampers Events & Fayres. Where are you trading?! I need my soaps!!

Soap & Pampers Events & Fayres

Hi – If you want to know where I am trading then please go to the information page and there is a tag that says Events & Fayres…hang on…just click here!

I gave it it’s own section as it kept getting lost in the other posts…so if you are local to me, IE, Plymouth you can pop along and say hello, buy your Christmas gifts and save on postage.  If you are local but can’t make an event don’t worry you can still collect from me in person.  At check out click, local pick up and then I will email you to arrange a convenient time for both of us.

Hope the Christmas preparations are going well!!

Plastic Free Cosmetic Kit

As Christmas is approaching I have tried to add some interesting gift boxes which not only appeal to those who care what goes on their skin, but are also kind to the environment.  This one includes handmade soaps, soap saver bag and 2 bamboo items.

You can find it in the gift section of