Handmade & Hand Cut Soap

It’s funny as when I talk about soaps I always think of the actual making.  But the process doesn’t start or finish with the making.  It starts in the planning of each batch and finishes with the wrapping.   But, I have to admit I love the cutting bit as I don’t ever really know what it will look like inside!!  Each batch follows a recipe but I have room to play with those ingredients.  So, my stripe can be a stripe or swirl or circular shapes if I had the patience to do them lol!

This batch is patchouli and sandalwood and has a paprika stripe through…Smells gorgeous and is very pretty..even if I say so myself!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If your ‘old man’ wet shaves this is a possible Fathers Day Gift. The box contains a shaving brush and 2 handmade soaps. Alternatively I have one up cycled tartan tin shaving set. It looks stunning stuffed with a soap and a shaving brush, both vegan friendly of course.

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